the last post ever!!!

Im closing this blog, this is the last post ever. im closing this capter of my life, so maybe Im gonna leave just like this, Im not sure. Because Im gonna get focus on tumblr and my own website. This is the first part of my story as tattooer in Finland, from now you can check tumblr for updates and my website as well. (currently under construction) Special thanks to everybody who follow this little piece of me. About the painting, its also the last trade of this year, this is for Delfoco, from Spain.

coming soon, new things, stay tuned… best wishes to everybody!



Now on tumblr!!

Soon I will have my own website, for now I start to use tumblr also, you can check it out here. Dockyard


lost and found…

Few minutes ago, I saw this image on my files, and as always i would like to share it with you, I made this one in Turku, thanks for keep watching this blog… to contact me

New flash done

I have done this tattoo yesterday, its from my flash “available for tattooing” I like when people research the flash that i have done, and take them, from me.

for tattoos:

tattooing at Kintaro Tattoo!

Last week, i made these tattoos at Kintaro Tattoo, Turku. Was so fun work over there,  I like to know how in Finland people get involved with traditional tattoos. Hope to receive more costumers like you guys!!! enjoy.

PS. if you wanna get tattooed by me, just contact me to



First flash ever done!

Im so happy now that I have done yesterday this tattoo, the first from my flash “Available for tattooing”. If you wanna get tattooed by me, please contact me to the following email

More flash for tattooing!

I was painting this afternoon at the shop, these paintings that you can get tattooed by me, you can contact me at the following email

Please, if you want to get this, try to contact me, im working hard doing these paintings day by day and is not fear that you get from another tattooer, just getting from here, because also are people, friends and costumers who are getting (and also is not fear to them that you get the same tattoo) if you are not living in Finland, still you can contact me and ask me for some flash painting… I will answer you, dont worry about that, but ask me…

special thanks to the people who support my work! I really appreciate that!

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